You said "yes", what comes next? - 5 considerations when choosing your bridesmaids

Congratulations, he finally asked you the big questionwhat to do next? After sharing the sweet news with your family and friends, it's time to choose your bridal party. Even though you cannot wait to pop the question to your ladies, here are 5 things to consider before asking:  

1. Choose your Maid-of-Honor not solely based on friendship, but also on attributes such as planning skills, patience and availability. She will be your right-hand woman, helping you to choose your wedding dress, planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower. A calm and collected Maid-of-Honor will support you through the process and may be able to take off some of the pressure and stress from you and everyone involved 

2. Make a list of everyone you would like to have in your bridal party. Talk to your soon-to-be husband and determine how many people you both want to have by your side. If he chooses two groomsmen, but you have nine bridesmaids, things may look a little out of order at the altar.

3. Talk to your fiancé and see if you want to exchange any members of the bridal party. If he has this great female friend from school, and he would like her to be part of your big day – think about including her on your bridal site and in return, your brother may become part of his groomsmen squad. While I am all for breaking the rules and having whomever you like in your bridal party – this may be a great opportunity to get to know each others mutual friends better and make a nice gesture towards your lifetime commitment and trust into your relationship.

4. Forget the stereotype. You don't even have to have a bridal party. This ceremony is about you and your partner's commitment and acknowledgement of love for each other – nothing else! If it feels like a chore to choose bridesmaids, it may not be for you. If you want to make them all Maids-of-Honor – do it! This is your choice and no bridal magazine article stating that you should have at least three bridesmaids can tell you otherwise. If you want your best guy friend to be part of your bridesmaids group – go for it!

5. And now the point no one likes to speak about - finances. Being part of someone's bridal party can be joyful and happy, but also quite costly. Be realistic and think ahead of what you will ask from your bridesmaids. Will you require them to buy that expensive designer dress? Will you expect them to pay for their own hair and make-up on your wedding day? How elaborate do you picture your bachelorette party and bridal shower to be, and who will pay for it? I am not saying you should ever exclude anyone because of their financial situation, but you will have to be realistic about your expectations and be considerate of your friend's situation 

There are so many more considerations to make - I would love to hear about yours, so leave a comment! 


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