Mahay, a Canadian fashion blogger, included 'ask your bridesmaids' gift boxes as thank you gifts on the day of her wedding. Check out Mahay's gorgeous wedding day at 


Lauren from the blog 'Sparkle in her eye' teamed up with her friend and event planner Ashley Graham and wrote an article about 10 fabulous bridesmaids gifts including 'ask your bridesmaids' "The relaxed Bridesmaid" bath salts.

Delaware Bride Magazine included 'ask your bridesmaids' as one of four ways to ask your ladies to be part of the bridal party. Read the full article here

Hayley, a blogger and professional dancer, invited her ladies to a "tea with the bride to be" where she asked them to become her bridesmaids with custom 'ask your bridesmaids' gift boxes. Read the full story at


The Makeup Artist Becca Ashmon loves our custom gift boxes.

The 'I DO LIST' thinks 'ask your bridesmaids' gifts make for a perfect bridesmaids proposal. Read the full article here

Fashion Blogger Stephanie surprised her bridesmaids with our custom 'Bridesmaids Essentials Kit' - read the full story at


 Fashion Blogger Mahay